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Internet Marketing

3 List Building Tips That Get More Subscribers

If you’re looking for the top 3 list building Tips every business needs to know so you can find success, you’re in the right spot! Tip #1: Are You Confusing Your Visitors? Here’s the aha moment for most people with this simple Tip: you need to create a simple clear message on your website.  Everyone…

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Are You Making These 5 Costly Website Mistakes?

Over the years I’ve looked at a lot of websites!  Actually, that’s a real understatement. I’m sure we all check out at least one website over the course of the day…Even if it’s just Facebook or your own website. When I look at a website, though, it’s usually with an eye for making them work…

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How to Generate Tons of Qualified Leads from Your Website

How To Generate Qualified Leads From Your Website

After creating over 1,000 websites for small businesses in every niche from real estate investing to ice skating, I’ve seen a number of miracles happen over time. One website (that shall remain nameless) grew form $0 to over $30,000 a month in sales in under 12 months. That’s and increase of over 1/2 million dollars…

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Hire A Virtual Assistant – A Refresher

Despite the every increasing popularity of using Virtual Assistants, there are still so many people who have questions about finding the right one for your business. I still receive so many questions about this topic, so I wanted to take a moment to send out a short refresher. A Virtual Assistant can be a great…

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