Are You Making These 5 Costly Website Mistakes?

Over the years I’ve looked at a lot of websites!  Actually, that’s a real understatement.

I’m sure we all check out at least one website over the course of the day…Even if it’s just Facebook or your own website.

When I look at a website, though, it’s usually with an eye for making them work better – to gain more business for the owner. I do a lot of website development, and online digital marketing and while I don’t claim to be a graphic designer, I do know quite a bit about what sort of mistakes can make a website lose business right off the bat.

Want to know a secret? I basically see the same mistakes being made over and over.

The mistakes that are hurting my clients are probably the same ones you’re making right now. I recently did a webinar revealing how to fix these 5 major website mistakes that most people make.  In this webinar I’ll reveal the real purpose for your website.   The crazy thing is most business owners don’t even know this… Most people just want a website that looks attractive, and many confuse this with getting results (i.e., leads and sales).

Click below to watch the replay!

5-Website-Mistakes-VideoClick Here To Watch The Replay

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