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Visual Content Game Changers 5 Mobile Apps that Make it Quick & Easy

Content Creation has changed. Everyone is now a potential content creator – with a smartphone in their pocket. These 5 Mobile Apps give you the ability to create killer visual content by producing awesome images, in real-time, and on-the-go.

Just a few years ago we were reliant on high-end programs like Photoshop (or paying a designer) to create beautiful visual content to post across social media channels.

Times have changed. I have to admit it was my good friend Kim Walsh-Phillips  from Elite Digital Group who introduced me to this awesome free design tool called Canva. Canva is an online app loaded with enough easy-to-use features and functionality that anyone can create a variety of engaging content that gets shared. If you haven’t already heard of it, check it out at

However, unlike Canva, where you have to be on your computer or laptop, now you and your team can easily create content using intuitive apps.  Canva does have these applications have amazing typography and image creation tools – all on your mobile phone.

So, let’s take a look at some of the apps I am using right now to easily create content using image & text combinations. Think you don’t have the time or creativity to create amazing visual content? Think again!

#1 Canva

wordswagIt literally lets you take any tip, text or quote, add a source and – BOOM! – you have a savvy-designed, shareable piece of visual content.

WordSwag is pre-populated with awesome templates that literally let you create image and text pieces that look like a designer has played a part in their creation. Only you and your team will know that all along, it was just you, your mobile phone, and an app!

Download WordSwag and start playing with it. You will be making images like this in no time:

Enough said – download WordSwag and get busy and create awesome images!

#2 Typorama

typoramaIf you love inspirational quotes or are a fan of good typography, this new app is sure to catch your attention. Typorama is a beautiful mobile app that lets you transform your text into stunning typographic designs with a few different customizations.

One feature that Typorama originally had that WordSwag did not  have, was the ability to add your own watermark. Now both apps have this feature. So you can brand all your images with your logo. This feature may not seem like a big deal at first; however, this feature can help you generate leads by making the watermark image your website address or your twitter handle – if you are a tweeter. LOL…

adobe-spark#3 Adobe SparkPost

For many years, Abode has produced some of the best software programs to assist graphic designers, photographers, and marketers. With the launch of Adobe Spark, they have packaged all their creative experience into three easy to use applications. Adobe Spark Post for social graphics, Adobe Spark Page for easy to design web pages, and Adobe Spark Video for slideshow presentations

#4 Ripl

riplRipl is the new kid on the block. This application allows you to create eye-catching animated images that stand out on social media. In case you missed it I said, “Animated!” Like a video that plays with no sound when you see it, these animated images do the exact same thing. They really make your images stand out and get attention.

Use any one of your own pictures or choose one of the included app backgrounds, and then choose the animation you like best. For the pro version, there is a monthly subscription fee but I found the free version has enough of a selection for me.

#5 Canva App

canva-logoOh, wait!… Canva also has an amazing mobile app too.  Unlike the others, Canva is not only a mobile app.  Their online website tool was around long before their app.  However, you are no longer stuck at your desktop to create some really cool unique images using Canva.

Here is a surprise hidden benefit you might not be aware of. By using these tools you can easily and quickly create unique images.  Unique images used on you website give you and SEO benefit and can help increase your rankings.  If you are interested in getting more leads from your website see our post about lead generation.


There you have it! 5 amazing apps you can start using NOW to boost the quality of your online and social media content! Use these mobile apps to take your visual content to the next level.

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