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Google Plus Local Page Optimization Can Get You On Page One Of Google!

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I find a lot of entrepreneurs perk up when hearing about  getting their website to the top of Google.   However, they have a  hard time understanding the reality of what it takes.  Here is a simple break down of what Google Plus Local  can do and why you need to use it. In case you…

Welcome to the Faith Corner!

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I do not take the credit for the success that I have had in my business. Instead, I lift it up to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him, I don’t believe I would have been able to succeed. I’m going to share with all of you some of the instances when I could…

Behind the Scenes (Part 2) of Mike Koenigs "Social Media Marketing Machines" Video Product Launch

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Follow This Product Launch:  Social Media Marketing Machines In this video I answer the questions: What is a video product launch? Why is it time sensitive? Do I recommend this product?

911 Survivor and prayer

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September 11th:  We are all truly blessed to be here today.  Take a moment be thankful for everything you have.  Here is a story of someone who survived 911 his story is very inspirational.  God Bless. [tweetmeme]

What is RSS?

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I  recently got asked, “What is RSS?” the best answer I’ve seen to this question is in a 3 min video by Leelefever, called “RSS in plain english” Now, that you know don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed!

Want to Grow Your List? Try Using Social Networking Sites.

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Social Bookmarking: Waste of Time or Traffic Generator?

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Before we can discuss whether “Social Bookmarking” is a waste of time or a traffic generator, let’s first make sure we know what social bookmarking really is.  Check out this 3 min. video: